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In Synergy with Nature

The cutting-edge Synergotron Hybrid Plasma Technology is redefining the boundaries of comprehensive wellness and well-being. Our technology is designed to be a game-changer, offering a blend of physical stimuli for an array of well-being benefits. With a focus on both reactive and proactive treatments, we aim to set a new standard for comprehensive well-being solutions. Dive in to discover how we’re transforming traditional well-being paradigms into an integrated and personalized experience.

The Cornerstone of Life

Energy is the cornerstone of wellbeing, powering everything from cellular actions to brain functions. A stable energy flow ensures optimal operation of physiological systems, directly influencing mood, cognition, and overall health. In essence, energy is the driving force behind our body’s ability to repair, rejuvenate, and respond effectively to daily challenges, thereby maintaining balance and promoting general wellbeing.

Clean and subtle Stimuli

Synergotron’s Hybrid Plasma Technology merges advanced engineering with biomedical science, delivering precise, safe, and personalized solutions across a range of wellness applications. Explore the transformative potential of this cutting-edge technology, optimized for both personal treatments and professional wellness settings through three pillars of Synergotron – a trinity of components that combine to create a harmonized wellness experience:

The Brain

Synergotron Control Unit

The control unit represents the brain of the system, enabling the creation of diverse, precisely calibrated stimuli for personalized and effective treatments that contribute to well-being and health.


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The Heart

Synergotron Transducer

The Transducer is the dynamic core, emitting a synergy of stimuli such as light, electromagnetic fields, and sonic pulses, crowned by the pioneering use of Cold Atmospheric Plasma. Its role is pivotal in pushing the boundaries of gentle yet effective well-being practices.

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The Navigator:

Synergotron R-Electrode

The resonance electrode or R-electrode is our precision tool, guiding these stimuli to their intended destinations with pinpoint accuracy. This directionality is what propels our technology to the forefront, promising individualized approaches to wellness.

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DEEP: Body Care

Light, EMF & Sonic Waves

Applied in direct contact with the skin Synergotron transducers emit stimuli over and under the treated surface. Light, electric micro-currents, electromagnetic field and sonic waves are introduced locally. This allows local stimulation at the spot of the application as well as indirect stimulation of specific pathways or areas of the body through formation of micro-current path.

PLASMA: Skin Care

Cold Plasma

Synergotron’s cold plasma is produced in the small gap between the transducer and the treated surface. Alongside all other stimuli, it introduces effects of cold plasma in the treated area. This unique approach allows simultaneous cleansing effect and stimulation of treated surface which may be used in skin care, rejuvenation and regeneration support.

FLOW: Alleviation

Guided Micro-current Flow

Synergotron Hybrid Plasma Technology harnesses a refined flow of energy to support the body’s natural processes. The sophisticated coordination between the transducer and the R-electrode allows for precise micro-current application to areas requiring treatment, such as joints and nerve pathways with aim to alleviete, tension, discomfort and pain. This precision enhances the effectiveness of treatments by focusing on specific body regions.


Synergotron’s hybrid plasma technology combines various treatments into a unified, advanced system, offering cost-effective solutions for home-based wellness care. It distinguishes itself by facilitating personalized skin care and deep regenerative treatments, along with comfortable recovery support and alleviation of discomfort and pain. This innovative approach is set to revolutionize self-managed well-being, making high-quality wellness experiences accessible to everyone.

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