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Aug 12th

Calling All Synergotron Users

Your feedback is essential to us! Synergotron invites all its users to share their experiences with our products. Your testimonials help potential users better understand the advantages of our products and assist our team in continuously enhancing our offerings.

“When I becomes We, even Illness becomes Wellness”

Please consider the following points when sharing your experience:

  1. How old are you?
  2. How did you hear about the Synergotron product?
  3. What purposes did you use our product for?
  4. In which mode did you operate it?
  5. At which power level did you use the product?
  6. How long did you use the product in a single session?
  7. How often did you use the product in a day?
  8. Over how many days did you use the product?
  9. Did you notice any improvement after using it?
  10. Are you satisfied with the results achieved?
  11. Do you have any additional comments or observations?
  12. Would you recommend our product to others?
  13. Do you have a message for our Synergotron team?

If you prefer, you can use a pseudonym or initials. If you have multiple separate experiences with the product, please describe each experience individually for clarity.
Respect the privacy of others and be considerate in your comments. We reserve the right to moderate to ensure a high-quality and constructive discussion.

If you wish to share photos or video materials that further illustrate your story, you can send them to our email at experience@synergotron.com.

One response to “Share Your Experience”

  1. Ognjen Pavicevic Avatar
    Ognjen Pavicevic

    Healeex helped me a lot, thanks to the team.

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