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Invitation for Collaborative Research on Synergotron Technology

Aug 30th


Synergotron d.o.o. (Zagreb, Croatia)  is excited to invite esteemed researchers and institutions to participate in ground-breaking research utilizing Synergotron Hybrid Plasma Technology.

Synergotron Technology represents a ground-breaking advancement in the field of wellness and healthcare. Born from years of rigorous scientific research and development, this innovative approach offers a comprehensive solution for pain relief, tissue  regeneration, and controlling harmful pathogens.

Synergotron harnesses the power of cutting-edge Hybrid Plasma Technology, seamlessly blending the capabilities of cold plasma, light, electromagnetic fields, micro-currents, sound waves, and micro-vibrations. This unique fusion creates a versatile platform that has the potential to revolutionize wellness, offering a non-invasive, side-effect-free alternative or plasma induced pathogen control.

Synergotron’s journey is characterized by a relentless commitment to science, ensuring that our solutions are evidence-based and tailored to the needs of individuals seeking proactive, targeted approaches to health. Our aim is to redefine the way we address well-being, allowing individuals and healthcare professionals to tap into the remarkable potential of Synergotron Technology.

Building upon the successes and insights gained from the forerunner devices, we aim to investigate new horizons and expand our understanding of how Synergotron can revolutionize healthcare. The prior clinical experience and the number of case studies, conducted on forerunner medical device which I’ve development with my team in 2007 have provided invaluable insights into pain management, neurology, dentistry, dermatology, improved recovery. With this foundation, we now seek to push the boundaries of what’s possible, focusing on cutting-edge advancements and innovative solutions that can truly make a difference in care of well-being.

Key Areas for Research Collaboration

Through collaborative research efforts and partnerships with experts in various medical fields, we are dedicated to conducting research on the potential applications of Synergotron technology in the following areas:

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation:

  • Sports Medicine: In the realm of sports medicine, we focus on injuries and disorders related to the loco-motor system. These issues often affect athletes and active individuals of all ages. Our research aims to explore how Synergotron Technology can be a game-changer in sports injury recovery, helping athletes return to peak performance faster and safer.
  • Age-Related Chronic Conditions: On the other front, we delve into age-related chronic conditions that impact the loco-motor system. These conditions often lead to mobility impairments in the elderly. Our research seeks to uncover how Synergotron Technology can significantly improve the quality of life for seniors by expediting recovery and enhancing physical therapy outcomes.

Neurology and Advanced Pain Management:

  • Peripheral Neuropathy: With the rising incidence of conditions like diabetes that often lead to peripheral neuropathy, innovative treatments for pain relief and nerve regeneration are in high demand. We invite research to investigate how Synergotron can play a role in managing symptoms and potentially promoting neuro-regeneration.
  • Chronic and Acute Pain Management: Chronic and acute pain, which can significantly impact a patient’s well-being, remain areas of intensive study in neurology. We encourage research to examine the effectiveness of Synergotron in managing both chronic and acute pain conditions.

Dermatology & Cosmetology:

  • Skin Rejuvenation and Regeneration: The application of Synergotron Technology in treating a variety of skin conditions, including wound healing, scar reduction, and skin revitalization, is an area of great interest.
  • Pathogen Control: Investigating Synergotron’s potential in disinfection and pathogen reduction within dermatology and cosmetology settings is crucial, especially in the context of minimizing infection risk during various treatments.

If you, or your institution, have other research ideas or capabilities that align with our mission, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We welcome the opportunity to explore additional possibilities and collaborate on innovative projects that can make a significant impact on healthcare and well-being. Together, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible and improve the lives of individuals around the world.

Benefits of Collaboration

  • Access to state-of-the-art Synergotron devices and technology.
  • Financial grants and potential funding for selected projects.
  • Opportunity for co-authorship in high-impact journals.
  • Networking with professionals in interdisciplinary fields.

How to Participate

Interested research institutions are invited to submit a proposal detailing:

  • Research objectives and methodology
  • Anticipated outcomes and market applicability
  • Time-frame for project completion
  • Budget estimates
  • Please send proposals and any inquiries to research@synergotron.com


We believe that Synergotron Technology has untapped potential to significantly impact healthcare. We invite you to join us in this exciting venture to unlock new medical solutions that could benefit millions.

For more details or to submit your proposal, please contact us on research@synergotron.com.

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