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In Top 10 Healthcare Innovators by Labena Ventures

Company Hub News Team
Jul 28th
Among 120 Competitors in the region SYNERGOTRON was chosen by Labena Ventures as Top 10 Healthcare innovators ready to disrupt health-tech system!

Synergotron, an innovative deep-tech enterprise specializing in medicine and healthcare, has emerged as one of the top ten finalists in the prestigious Labena Ventures Bootcamp. Out of 120 promising ideas, Synergotron’s groundbreaking approach utilizing cutting-edge hybrid plasma technology has captured the attention of industry experts and investors alike.

The Labena Ventures Bootcamp, known for identifying and nurturing revolutionary ideas, brought together 40 promising startups in the healthcare sector. After intensive workshops and presentations, Synergotron’s exceptional potential shone through, securing its place among the elite finalists.

Synergotron’s revolutionary hybrid plasma technology has set a new standard in the healthcare industry, offering innovative solutions for a range of medical applications. With Labena Ventures’ invaluable support, Synergotron aims to accelerate the development and implementation of their ground-breaking innovations.

“We are incredibly honored to be selected as one of the top ten healthcare innovators at the Labena Ventures Bootcamp,” said Dr. Domagoj Prebeg, CEO at Synergotron. “This recognition validates the dedication and expertise of our team in developing cutting-edge technology that has the potential to transform healthcare as we know it.”

The Synergotron team is now poised to enter an intensive phase of mentorship and collaboration with Labena Ventures. This opportunity will empower them to further refine their technology, access strategic resources, and explore potential investments to scale their groundbreaking solutions.

As Synergotron continues to gain momentum, the team remains committed to their vision of advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technology. Their journey, powered by Labena Ventures’ support, promises to bring transformative changes to the industry and ultimately improve the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates on Synergotron’s progress and remarkable achievements in the world of healthcare.

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