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Impressions from Arab Health Exhibition 2024

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Feb 7th

A Milestone for Synergotron and Healeex
In Dubai at the Arab Health Exhibition 2024, we, the team behind Synergotron, experienced a pivotal moment in our journey. It was here that we showcased Healeex, our labor of love, within the Innov8 section dedicated to pioneers and startups in health technology. This platform not only allowed us to present but also to witness the global reception of our innovation.

Showcasing Success and Capturing Interest

Dr. Emil Barić and Dr. Domagoj Prebeg, took the stage to elucidate the distinctiveness of Healeex to an international audience at Innov8 start-up competition.  Their explanation underscored the device’s innovative edge—non-invasive, portable, and built on years of dedicated research of hybrid cold plasma technology. This technology, as Emil proudly shared, has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in pain relief, injury recovery, and promoting healing, all while being clean and environmentally friendly.

Standing at such a prestigious event, we felt a profound sense of accomplishment, recognizing the magnitude of presenting our startup among the world’s best. The opportunity to highlight our work, against the backdrop of major financial powerhouses, was not just a milestone but a testament to our team’s dedication and innovation.

Engaging Discussions and Future Pathways

The exhibition was a whirlwind of potential collaborations and insightful interactions:

With Dedalus: We engaged in fruitful discussions about entering the UAE market and explored investment opportunities with Sam Amory, GM of Dedalus and the mind behind an amazing book “NFT in Me”.

Rowad Medical Services: Expressed interest in bringing Healeex to Saudi Arabia, marking a significant step towards our expansion.

Asiarath: Our conversation with Yatim K Thakur about UAE regional accelerators opened up vistas for growth we are eager to explore.

At NEOM booth: Farhan Sajjad, shared with us a vision for the future of healthcare that resonates deeply with our mission.

Wild Group: Franz Aigner’s insights into ramping up manufacturing and product design were invaluable for our scaling plans.

Pilar Fernandez Hermida: Meeting the founder of i-Expand and our juror at the Med Tech World – Labena Ventures competition, where we recieved Award for the Best Start-up company, was both an honor and an opportunity to glean expert advice.

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Saudi Arabia: Hadi Saeed Alshakhori’s invitation to join the Code Accelerator program was an unexpected highlight, promising exciting developmental avenues.

Recognition and Forward Momentum

Our presence at the Arab Health Exhibition wasn’t just about showcasing Healeex; it was a critical evaluation of our position in the global healthcare market. The interest from potential investors from Saudi Arabia and the UAE was particularly encouraging. As one of the standout European startups at the event, we felt both proud and humbled by the recognition we received.

Looking to the Future

The success at the Arab Health Exhibition 2024 is a beacon for our future endeavors. With the innovative prowess of Healeex and the global interest it has sparked, we are poised to make significant inroads into the healthcare sector. This exhibition has laid the groundwork for future collaborations, distribution channels, and investment opportunities.

In reflection, the Arab Health Exhibition 2024 was not just an event for us; it was a transformative experience that has emboldened our resolve to drive healthcare innovation forward. As we continue to develop and expand, the connections made and lessons learned during the exhibition will undoubtedly fuel our journey ahead. The future looks promising, and we are more committed than ever to bringing our vision of accessible, non-invasive healthcare solutions to the world.

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