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We’re excited to introduce you to Healeex, the future of personal wellness technology. In this video, we’ll show you how to get started, explore the device’s key features, and share some tips on maximizing its benefits for your health and well-being. Whether you’re seeking to alleviate tension, enhance your mobility, or simply improve your daily skin care routine, Healeex is here to support your journey toward a more balanced and energized life.

Your Wellbeing, Your Way!

Compact yet powerful, Healeex wellness device everages state-of-the-art hybrid plasma technology. It generates a distinctive blend of physical stimuli that have been appreciated for their beneficial effects over the decades. Delivering clean and subtle energy, Healeex offers a non-invasive alternative to classic methods. Navigate your wellness journey using Healeex, celebrating: “Your Wellbeing, Your Way!” every day!

Healeex: Clean and Sublte Wellness Evolution

Empower Your Wellbeing in Natural Way

Cold Plasma

EM Field


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Sonic Waves


Light – Photons

Reliable Body & Skin Wellness Technology

In Synergy with Nature


Healeex represents a revolutionary wellness device that utilizes pure and subtle energy working in synergy with our body’s natural mechanisms, providing you with a unique experience of enhancing your well-being.


Healeex is a reliable option for various needs, providing effective support on the journey to wellness. It encompasses revitalization, regeneration, relaxation, and skin cleansing, along with deep tissue regeneration.


Healeex allows the use of different physical factors to stimulate the body and simultaneously treats the skin with cold plasma, making it a multifunctional device that is economical and easy to use.

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“It’s a Fabulous Product.”

Med Tech World

Discover Expert Opinions on Synergotron’s Innovative Technology

Accelerating the Healing of Injuries and the Rehabilitation Process

Amabilia Polyclinic uses advanced Synergotron Technology, which has extraordinary positive effects on accelerating the healing of injuries and the rehabilitation process. Through a combination of magnetic therapy and electro stimulation, this innovative technology stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation and promotes tissue regeneration, providing our patients with faster and more effective results during rehabilitation. With the help of Synergotron technology, Polyclinic Amabilia achieves exceptional results in supporting the recovery of its patients and enables them to return to their daily activities faster.

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dr. med. Stjepan Curic

AMABILIA POLYCLINIC – Co-founder and spec. orthopedics and traumatology

Definitely the right choice for everyone, especially top athletes as well as recreational players.

Todays time is full of novelties especially in the field of regeneration and recuperation. In the 15 years of my coaching career, I have tried a lot of methods and devices. What Synergotron Technology has provided us is definitely the fast recovery and rehabilitation for injured athletes. I used it for partial ruptures, fractures and stress fractures of bones, joint distortions, and for open wounds and edema. The speed of tissue regeneration accelerated and hematoma and edema broke down much faster. Top sports demand rapid and best solutions, so Synergotron technology is definitely the right choice for everyone, especially top athletes as well as recreational players!

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Prof. Damir Kolec

Professor of kinesiology and physical coach at Russian women volleyball national team

My Big Helper in a Small Case

Synergotron Hybrid Plasma Technology is very practical because it is applicable in the earliest stages of injury and in various conditions due to extremely few contraindications. Accelerates the process of healing and regeneration of all injured and inflamed tissues; skin, muscle-tendon and bone tissue. In a very short time of a few minutes, it reduces redness, swelling and pain. In the case of acute injuries, it reduces pain, redness and swelling instantly, in just half a minute, but it needs to be repeated several times a day. In the case of scars after suturing, it accelerates healing and softens the scar. In inflammation, it quickly reduces the feeling of swelling and discomfort of inflamed tissue.

User image
Maja Danese

Founder and physiotherapists at FIZIO RITAM Center for manual techniques

Very practical, so I carry it with me everywhere.

After a surprisingly successful personal experience with the Synergotron device, with which I was able to reduce tooth inflammation, I wanted to learn more about the application possibilities. We bought the device for use in the rehabilitation of injuries and painful conditions at the PROPRIO Center – physical therapy, and it proved to be extremely effective in treating various inflammatory processes, scars and skin changes of any kind. The possibility of application is so diverse, and the device is very practical, so I carry it with me everywhere.

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Grgur Kovacic

Co-founder and therapist at PROPRIO Physical Therapy Center

Improved speed of healing and pain-free quality of life during postoperative recovery

We use Synergotron Hybrid Plasma Technology every day after all surgical procedures in our ORTOIMPLANT DENTAL SPA clinic. Reduced post-surgical inflammation and pain as well as improved healing rates were observed in all applications. Our clients emphasize the quality of our service and the improved speed of healing and pain-free quality of life during postoperative recovery as a recognizable standard in our work. In addition to the excellent care and professionalism of our staff, these results can also be attributed to the use of Synergotron technology.

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Dr. Zdenko Trampus, DDS


A Real First Aid and a Faithful Assistant in Preserving Health.

In our home pharmacy we have not yet had such a universal device that offers support in the healing of injuries and reduction of painful symptoms. Synergotron represents a real first aid and a faithful assistant in preserving health and vitality of all family members.

User image
Natasa Osmokrovic

Retired professional volleyball player and member of Croatia Olympic team 2000.

Healeex blends the effects of multiple wellness products in one device for

Easy-to-use and Cost-effective Applications


Explore the advantages of deep stimulation mode, utilizing light, electromagnetic fields, and sonic waves to enhance the body’s natural maintenance, regeneration, and overall well-being.


Purify and rejuvenate skin while supporting its natural revitalization process with cold plasma. Healeex, powered by hybrid plasma technology offers a comprehensive and revitalizing skincare experience.


Discover comfort and ease through our Guided Microcurrent Flow between the Healeex transducer and R-electrode at specific body points with aim to alleviate stress, tension, and pain in the most affected areas.

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Pro Athletes & Fitness Fans

Healeex is an ideal companion for athletes and sport enthusiasts. It aids in faster recovery, muscle relaxation, and improving flexibility, making it a crucial addition to your fitness regimen. Discover more about how Healeex can elevate your athletic performance.

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Pro Care Providers

Healeex is a transformative tool for therapists and rehab specialists, enhancing patient care and treatment outcomes in a gentle and natural way. See how Healeex can integrate into your professional practice and contribute to more effective healing processes.

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Everyday Heroes

Healeex is committed to empowering the heroes among us, offering a helping hand in their pursuit of vitality, and well-being. Join the Healeex family and experience how our technology can support you in your heroic journey.

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Wellness Explorers

Embrace a comprehensive approach to your well-being with Healeex. Perfect for those seeking natural solutions and a balanced lifestyle. Learn more about Healeex’s role in supporting your wellness journey and enhancing your overall quality of life.

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Skin Guardians

Transform your skincare routine with Healeex. Ideal for maintaining skin vitality and offering non-invasive beauty treatments, Healeex redefines skin rejuvenation. Explore its potential to revive and maintain your skin’s natural glow.

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Golden Agers

Healeex is not just about living longer; it’s about living better. It’s a testament to the belief that well-being should be natural, clean, and in harmony with our bodies. Join the Healeex family and embark on a journey to a more vibrant, naturally balanced lifestyle.

Experience High Quality, User-Friendly and Cost-Effective Wellness

Designed for an Exceptional User Experience


Healeex consolidates various wellness products and applications into a single device.


Effortless well-being routine for a smooth experience, no matter your age


Utilizing clean and subtle energy to amplify and bolster natural wellness mechanisms externally.

Power Idependent

Experience freedom and independence of portable wellness, thanks to extended battery life.


Experience significant savings in both time and money by reducing the need for other treatments.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated team is here to ensure your success throughout your wellness journey.

Premium Quality

Experience the finest standards in wellness technology

Extended Warranty

Enjoy the added assurance of a 2-year warranty.

Your Healeex,
Your Way!

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Healeex Set Includes

  1. HEALEEX Unit
  2. HEALEEX R-electrode
  3. Charger 5V AC/DC
  4. Transport Case
  5. User Manual
  6. Support Center Access

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More than a product, Healeex is a community-driven movement promoting self-care, empowerment, and sustainable well-being solutions.

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