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Supporting Recovery , Alleviating Discomforts and Imporoving Mobility

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A New Dimension of Personalized Well-being

Healeex for All Who Care

As a dedicated care provider, your commitment to enhancing well-being is paramount. Healeex, our innovative wellness device, harnesses the transformative power of hybrid plasma technology to provide clean and subtle energy, aligning seamlessly with your mission to promote overall well-being. Explore how Healeex can amplify your care efforts, addressing common challenges and offering support in your journey.

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Alleviating Stress & Discomfort

Stress and discomfort are common hurdles in the path to well-being. Healeex offers a comprehensive solution by soothing physical discomfort and pain, emphasizing a gentle approach. As a care provider, you can rely on Healeex to elevate the well-being of those under your care.

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Facilitating Mobility & Flexibility

Mobility and flexibility are essential for a high quality of life. Healeex supports your mission by enhancing the mobility and flexibility of individuals in your care. Whether you assist seniors or individuals with specific mobility needs, Healeex can be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

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Supporting Recovery & Revitalization

Nurturing the natural healing processes. Healeex aids significantly in the body’s natural recovery and revitalization processes. Whether your focus is on rehabilitation or maintaining overall well-being, Healeex complements your care strategies and supports the natural healing proceses of those you serve.

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Enhanced Skin Care and Comfort

Healeex’s cold plasma technology offers gentle skin rejuvenation, ideal for individuals with skin concerns. It aligns with your dedication to providing the best care, offering a natural approach to improving skin vitality and comfort. Healeex also contributes to skin hygiene by cleansing the skin and reducing microbes, aligning with your commitment to cleanliness and well-being.

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User-Friendly and Cost-Effective Ally

Healeex is engineered for ease of use, ensuring that care providers can seamlessly integrate it into their practice without extensive training. With Healeex, you’re not just investing in a device; you’re investing in the future of your practice and the well-being of your patients.

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Your Healeex,
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1.950,00 €

Healeex Set Includes

  1. HEALEEX Unit
  2. HEALEEX R-electrode
  3. Charger 5V AC/DC
  4. Transport Case
  5. User Manual
  6. Support Center Access

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